Welcome to the Kainuun Sienijaloste Sienestä Oy web page. 

We collectbuyrefine and sell Finnish wild mushroomsberries and other natural products
Our company is located at Purotie 6 Kontiomäki and our  main operating area is currently in Kainuu and Northern Ostrobothnia.  More…

This year we are buying:

  • Boletus
  • Lactarius Rufus in small sizes
  • Lactarius Trivialis
  • Cantarellus Cibarius
  • Cantarellus Lutencens and tubeaformis
  • Craterellus Cornucopioides
  • Tricholoma Matsutake

Open Hours Tue-Sun 15.00-19.00 Mon. Closed

More info about prices or anything  Esko +44 9674705, Pasi +44 9674706

Reception Purotie 2 Kontiomäki

Tel044 9674705 or 044 9674706 

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